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What can we do?

High-def entertainment anywhere

Equip your camper van with a lightweight, power-smart entertainment system. Watch or listen to online or offline media. 

Enjoy video or music in the great outdoors with high quality speakers and a hi-def projector.

Super projector

No bulky screens, no tiny screens, no space wasters! 

Our projectors fit the bill perfectly for van usage!

Simple to integrate

Thanks to out specially designed integration rack, it’s very simple to install our system in camper vans.

Give your van a little bit of luxury or offer your clients extra value.

Power Smart

Our system only powers on the parts of the van which are required. 

Better for your pocket, the environment and your van!

Simple To Use

Lie back and enjoy hi-definition videos.

It’s so simple to drag and drop video files to our system from your home network before you go!