Equip your camper van with this lightweight, power-smart entertainment system. Watch or listen to online or offline media, and enjoy video or music in the great outdoors with high quality speakers and this HD (1080p) capable Micro-Projector.

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Our self-contained micro-projector has been carefully developed to allow users to use it in many different situations.

With perfect resolution for watching on the go or in the outdoors, playback is smooth and with a bright. The image can be up to 2.5M across! It is perfect for enjoying movies! The 2 hour battery life will also allow you to get through most movies without any external power or charging, but can be plugged in for all night viewing.

System & User Interface

The projector hosts a simple and elegant user interface, which allows navigation between apps such as KODI, Netflix and YouTube. However, as it uses Android technology, users can introduce new apps to their system, or request a bespoke configuration to be pre – supplied.

Sound & Connection

With built in Bluetooth technology, any Bluetooth speakers can be used, as well as modern integrated van sound systems.


The micro-projector is fitted to a custom bracket designed and manufactured by us. However, the projector has a standard 1/4-20 UNC thread mount to allow users to be able to utilise their own solution.

Additional information

User Interface


Battery Life

3 Hours (Can be left attached to power source)


1080p – High Definition


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