Fixing Clamp


The Vanav clamp fitting solution allows for simple and flexible installation within your camper van. It’s specially designed ball joint allows for flexible viewing positions relative to your screen.

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Thanks to out specially designed integration clamp, it’s very simple to install the Vanav system in any camper van. Simply attach the male part to a suitable fixed surface and female to your Vanav projector; both simply and easily slide together and you are ready to go!


We selected the use of a low friction ball joint to allow for unlimited fixing positions relative to your projector screen. This allows users to position the Vanav assembly in many places around their camper van, locking it in position with the ergonomically designed locking nut.

Technical Specs

The Vanav Micro-Projector has a standard 1/4-20 UNC thread mount for attachment of the female part of the clamp.


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