Vanav Technology



Here at Vanav we are passionate about technology, but even more than that we are very keen to find the right combination of cost, solution and ethical responsibility. We are still actively developing our first products. We are working with different partners to ensure we deliver the best possible quality at the best possible price.


We have developed kits based around projectors, with proprietary class leading electronics to ensure great power performance and really good heat and other safety characteristics.


We are able to offer a bespoke range of screens tailored to your application. Currently we are investigating
– custom T6 and T5 tailored screens to be mounted at the front or rear
– roller-blind style fabric which can be fitted internally or hung outside, free standing or from an awning rail.


We have developed a selection of mono, stereo options of varying quality and power. We will assemble these into bespoke kits for people looking to take advantage of the small packaging a superior sound quality.